Fort Myers, FL

Francis G.

Fort Myers, FL Patient

Very happy with all that was accomplished.

Robert W.

Fort Myers, FL Patient

Dr. Helgemo was very professional. He scheduled my surgery for the next day and it was much appreciated. Great Doctor. Thanks!

Patrick L.

Fort Myers, FL Patient

Overall a good experience.

Shirley R.

Fort Myers, FL Patient

Everyone was very kind.

Anthony R.

Fort Myers, FL Dupuytren's Disease

I came to Dr. Helgemo on a friend's recommendations. I found that Dr. Helgemo treated me professionally and yet warmly. I was eminently satisfied with the procedure and the successful outcome. My Thanks to him with warm admiration for his style and grace.

Joe G.

Fort Myers, FL Dupuytren's Disease

I was prepared to have extensive surgey on my hand to correct this condition. Dr Helgemo corrected this contracture in his office with very little pain to me, and now I'm looking to have the other hand taken care of when the time is right. I have recommended this procedure to others already.  

Robert S.

Fort Myers, FL Dupuytren's Disease

A "No-Brainer". No cost consulting; no pre-surgery visits; 30 minute procedure; no stitches; no post-op visits; no discomfort; just an outstanding experience. I should have done it years ago.

James A.

Fort Myers, FL Trigger Finger

I found the medical staff very professional. I look forward to the next two weeks to see how much relief I get from the treatment.

Carl K.

Fort Myers, FL Dupuytren's Disease

The process was quick and with very little discomfort. There was absolutely no pain after the procedure. Dr. Helgemo and staff were very good and knowledgeable and Dr. Helgemo is an excellent physician. I would gladly refer him to others for the same procedure or other hand treatment.

William J.

Fort Myers, FL Dupuytren's Disease

Dr. Helgemo was extremely knowledgable about my clinical condition and explained all info in depth. He is clearly more interested in the patient getting the best and most appropriate care for the current condition of their complain. The option to postpone surgical correction at this time was greatly appreciated - even though he might have lost time and money in the short run. I will refer patients with hand disorders to him without reserve.

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