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Florida Hand Center is a group of highly skilled medical professionals dedicated to providing the very best and most advanced treatments for common hand and arm problems.

Looking for the best orthopaedic hand surgeon and hand specialist around? We focus on minimally invasive procedures that provide quicker healing times with less discomfort, and we always look for the most cost-effective and efficient treatments for our patients. We are led by Dr. Stephen Helgemo, a Johns Hopkins graduate who is a dual Board Certified surgeon and hand specialist, and have  Dr. Ivan Olarte, a board certified surgeon who specializes in hand and microsurgery. Over the years we have successfully treated thousands of patients, giving them back the pain-free use and function of their hands and arms.  

Florida Hand Center delivers world class care to our patients, and we are one of the only facilities between Tampa and Miami to solely treat conditions of the hand and arm.  In fact, Dr. Helgemo is Florida’s leading endoscopic carpal tunnel surgeon and treats more patients suffering from this common condition than any other doctor in the state. Some of the other conditions we treat each day include arthritis of the elbow, wrist, hands and fingers, tendonitis of the hand and arm such as trigger finger, tendon repairs, tumors, masses and cysts, skin cancers, DeQuervain’s tendonitis, circulation problems, cubital tunnel syndrome, lateral epicondylitis (or tennis elbow) and Dupuytren’s Disease.

At Florida Hand Center, we focus on minimizing pain and treating patients in a manner that allows them to return to the activities they love. How highly regarded are we as hand specialists? Over 25% of our patients travel from outside of the immediate area to be treated at our facility because of our expertise, superior patient care and excellent customer service.  

We've even designed a specific program for our self-pay patients, who are uninsured or who have limited coverage, for convenience and ease. We see no reason why all patients who need the services of an orthopaedic hand surgeon or other type of hand specialist shouldn't receive the best care possible.

At Florida Hand Center, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of hand and arm conditions, advanced diagnostic tools, our minimally invasive approach and our in-office procedures that save our patients both time and money. Our ultimate goal is to serve you with compassion and care; providing outstanding results with the least amount of discomfort in the most cost-effective way.  If you are experiencing persistent numbness, pain or problems with the function of your hands or arms, please contact Florida's true hand specialist to see how we can assist you.

Florida Hand Center has two convenient locations in Port Charlotte and Fort Myers.  If you have additional questions before choosing your hand specialist or orthopaedic hand surgeon, please visit our contact us page,
or you can visit our FAQs page.

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Florida Hand Center Locations

Port Charlotte Office:
18344 Murdock Circle 
Port Charlotte, Florida 33948 
Phone: (877) 892-HAND (4263)
Fax: (941) 629-6415

Fort Myers Office:
13710 Metropolis Ave., Suite 101
Fort Myers, FL 33912
Phone: 239-424-8910Fax: (941) 629-6415